access types

  • Reini Urban
    Reini Urban

    hi adam,
    we closed pserver access for security reasons.
    you closed all other types for security and implementation reasons.

    1) when will there be ext via ssh access?

    2) how to re-implement local access?
      I hacked it to allow local access (no pserver).
    But the whole concept uses a copy of the repositories, so it's a shame.

    Our cvs web browsers are protected by http auth, so I don't see the point for disallowing local access with HTTP Auth. A warning should be enough.

    3) Which version has local access?

    • Reinier Post
      Reinier Post

        Just some thoughts:

      ssh-based access would be really nice.  I have no time to add it.

      You need a checkout of the repository anyway, so not having local access doesn't really cost much.

      A feature that I'd like to see is e-mail address munging.  I'd like to keep the spammers out while admitting the search engines ...

    • Adam Kennedy
      Adam Kennedy

      Now that 0.6.3 is pretty much out, the backend is clean enough that anyone wanting to have a stab at adding a new backend would have a much better time of things.

      All connection specific code has been moved out into a standalone class. So you should be able to just inherit from the main backend class and tweak various changes as you see fit.

      And then let me know what you had to do to make whatever work, and I'll roll it in to the main version.