#113 Fixes for VC 2003

WinCvs (90)
Glenn Maynard

Attached are fixes to make WinCVS build and run in VC
2003. I don't think these should affect VC6, but I
don't have it installed to test.

CvsRootDlg.cpp, CvsRootDlg.h, ItemListDlg.cpp:
istrstream has no copy ctor. Return a string
instead. (On a quick test, istrstream also has no
copy ctor in g++.)

wincvs.h: I'm not sure about this one. AfxGetMainWnd
is returning NULL, which breaks console output;
m_pMainWnd is valid. There may be a better fix, but
I'm not familiar enough with MFC.

wincvsView.cpp: m_syncObject is a critical section;
those don't support timeouts. VC6 may have silently
ignored this, but VC7.1's libraries throw an assertion
if a timeout is specified.


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