#990 MacCvsX 3.3b2 trashes Binary Files Preferences

Jens Miltner
MacCvs (59)
Wolfgang Textor

If you modify the list in Preferences > Binary Files (no matter what you change) the list will be trashed the next time you launch MacCvsX, and the application will misbehave. This happens on Intel and PPC, and on Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5.
How to reproduce:
- Open the preferences from the menu
- Select the Binary Files tab page
- Add an entry, e.g. File Type: <empty>; Extension: "bmp"; Description: "Windows Bitmap"; Upload Method: Force Plain
- Press OK in the entry dialog
- Press OK in the Preferences dialog
- Quit MacCvsX & relaunch it
- Open the preferences and the tab page again
Actually, changing anything in at least this tab page will destroy the list contents.

Workaround, if preferences have been trashed:
- Close MacCvsX
- Open ~/Library/Preferences/org.gnu.MacCvs.plist with Property List Editor
- Remove the key "P_MacBinMaps"
- Save the file.

I could send screen shots if you like.


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