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  • Gurjeet Singh
    Gurjeet Singh

        I cant thank you enough for this tool. Now I can download my favourite open-source software's source from behind my corporate firewall!!

        Although the bat script needed a small fix (that took a long time in diagnostics)  on Win2000 for the java command line, but it was woth it.

        If somebody is facing a problem with the batch script, try removing the quotes around %HOME_ARG% parameter to the java command line. For e.g.:

    instead of:
    java -classpath "%CVSGRAB_HOME%\lib\cvsgrab.jar" %LOG_ARGS% "%HOME_ARG%" net.sourceforge.cvsgrab.CVSGrab %ANT_CMD_LINE_ARGS%

    java -classpath "%CVSGRAB_HOME%\lib\cvsgrab.jar" %LOG_ARGS% %HOME_ARG% net.sourceforge.cvsgrab.CVSGrab %ANT_CMD_LINE_ARGS%