Cutter: cutter 1.2.3 Released

Cutter is a xUnit family Unit Testing Framework for C and

As long time has passed since Cutter 1.2.2 release,
there are some improvements and fixed bugs.

After Cutter 1.2.2 release, you can install Cutter from
Fedora's official yum repository. No need to register Cutter yum repository on Fedora anymore.

=== Cutter

==== Improvements

  • [doc] Removed a needless period from installation link.
    [GitHub #6] [Patch by Masafumi Yokoyama]
  • Supported lcov 1.10. [cutter-users-ja:92] [Reported by Siganai SE]
  • [doc] Updated download URL on [cutter-users-ja:91] [Reported by Siganai SE]
  • [doc] Updated XML report format. [cutter-users-ja:91] [Reported by Siganai SE]
  • Added more trace logs for loader. It helps you to investigate the case when no tests are loaded.
  • [doc] Updated Cygwin's setup.exe URL.
  • Added --log-level option. The value of default log level is "critical|error|warning|message".

==== Fixes

  • [loader] Fixed a bug that ELF loader can't collect symbol because of wrong comparison.
  • Fixed memory leaks on loading all modules.
  • Fixed a warning from GCC 4.8.1 on Ubuntu 13.10
    [GitHub #9] [Reported by Kazuhiro Yamato]

=== CppCutter

==== Improvements

  • Supported cppcut_assert_equal(const type_info &, const type_info &)
    [GitHub #4] [Patch by Kazuhiro Yamato]
  • Supported to catch unhandled C++ exception in test case.
    This change avoids to crash when unexpected exception is thrown.
    [GitHub #8] [Suggested by Kazuhiro Yamato] [Patch by Kazuhiro Yamato]
  • Supported to call destructors of objects on a stack even when an assertion is failed.
    [GitHub #10] [Patch by Kazuhiro Yamato]

==== Fixes

  • [Clang] Fixed a compile error which is caused by missing std::type_info forward declaration.
  • Fixed an invalid memory access when an exception is thrown in cutter's
    assertion function.
    [GitHub #11] [Patch by Kazuhiro Yamato]

=== GCutter

==== Fixes

  • [doc] Fixed a signal name typo about gcut-egg example.

=== Thanks

  • Kazuhiro Yamato
  • Masafumi Yokoyama
  • Siganai SE
Posted by HAYASHI Kentaro 2014-02-07