Cuteflow dead?

  • lexa

    Is cuteflow project dead or is it still in development?

  • Garry Hill
    Garry Hill

    Maxel I dont think it is dead, Not that I really know however I don't think so, here is why there seems activity

    I wish I could get my bug fixed, we had planned on using it as an integral part of a system with over 100,000 members however the bug is a showstopper, I already gave a small donation, was strange no acknowledgement,  would have given a larger one if I could get this bug ironed out, I wish there was one of those bidding systems here where people bid on getting bugs fixed. I have seen that somewhere else. 

  • It seems the project is dead, no activity in last 3 months, it's really sad, it's a very interesting project and could be useful in many small organizations.


  • Anonymous

    Hi, there

    I recently installed the CuteFlow in the Ubuntu VM and found that it is a very interesting project. Hope it will continue to grow …


  • Holly Lewis
    Holly Lewis

    I don't know if the original developers are still working on this project.  I'm using it at my work and have added a couple of enhancements via the php pages and the English language file.   I'm not a programmer, just a systems admin script kiddie, but I would love to get a few things changed, like being able to change the database password in Cuteflow so I can change the MySql root password.