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#1 Keeps going back to "Quiet"

John Roark
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There is a really annoying bug in the latest version
beta2 where the plugin keeps kicking the away message
off and putting up "quiet" regardless of what else is
on there. Can we please make it append to the away
message instead of replace it, and can you also make it
so that we can easily configure what we want it to say,
other than "quiet"? In other words, with an away
message up, it appends to the message, and when
available (no away message up), it appends the track
info to the available message AND the away message so
non-gaim users can still see what we are listening to
via the away message. Thanks.


  • Ben Ward
    Ben Ward

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    To be honest, I'd probably prefer it if the behaviour was to
    do nothing if no track is playing - same for "Paused".

    The thing is, a track name with a quaver character is
    clearly a piece of music, but the "Paused" and "Quiet" text
    is contextless. I mean, "Quiet" as status text could be
    interpreted as not wanting to be disturbed. I think a plugin
    like this should work on "return success" basis, and display
    the currently playing track, or nothing at all.

    It would be nicer simply to remove those two "status"
    messages and when no track is being played (or when the
    current track is paused) show no message. I think that would
    be preferable to the current behaviour.

    Appending to existing messages could be handy for some
    people, perhaps just a check box preference?

  • John Roark
    John Roark

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    There is a checkbox in the prefs that allows you to turn off
    setting the away message. There is also a checkbox that
    allows you to append to the user info... so if you check off
    the away msg and check on the user info you will essentially
    get the desired effect since when away the away msg is
    appended to the user info.

  • John Roark
    John Roark

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    Moved to feature requests since the rest of the description
    is a feature request not a bug.

  • John Roark
    John Roark

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  • Peter Head
    Peter Head

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    I agree. I only use the option to show in the available
    message. But when I pause or close iTunes, seeing 'Paused'
    or 'Quiet' is not clear. It would be nice to have the option
    to either leave it blank, or customize the message.

  • Adam Pavelec
    Adam Pavelec

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    Customization would make this plugin pristine!

  • John Roark
    John Roark

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  • John Roark
    John Roark

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    Feature added in version 0.95