Mount is write-only, not read only?

  • I've tried just about every option I can even went as far as turning on debug output to monitor what is happening...

    I mount an ftp site into a folder:

    curlftpfs -o debug -v -o allow_other -o direct_io -o umask=000 -o uid=1000 -o gid=1000 -o connect_timeout=300 /local/folder/

    I can go into /local/folder and see a list of files, I can even open nano and create new files ans save them, but I cannot read any files. When I do, I notice the debug output is showing that curlftpfs is trying to reconnect to my site with a different login and password and failing:

    * Couldn't find host in the .netrc file, using defaults
    * About to connect() to port 21 (#0)
    *   Trying * Connected to ( port 21 (#0)
    < 220 Website FTP Server Ready
    > USER P
    < 331 Password required for.P
    > PASS 3.4
    < 530 Login incorrect.
    * Access denied: 530
    * Expire cleared
    * Closing connection #0
       unique: 31, error: -13 (Permission denied), outsize: 16

    Any ideas whats going on here? It looks like to me its trying to login again in a separate thread and using a portion of my ip address as the password. I have no idea why its using P as the login, thats not in my curl mount string at all.