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We maintain this list of already known bugs. Please read that before filing new bugs.

The admins of the curl project may set a priority on the issue, where a higher number means more important.

Please help us with as much details as possible, to repeat bugs, to test suggested fix etc. We will close bug reports that are lingering without sufficient attention!

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Created Updated Priority
1401 STR_COPY:variable has no value open Daniel Stenberg Jan-E 3 days ago 22 hours ago 5  
1400 Quadratic slowdown in curl_multi open-confirmed Daniel Stenberg Daniel Stenberg 7 days ago 7 days ago 6  
1392 CURLOPT_RANGE can not download 1byte? pending-needsinfo Daniel Stenberg qokelate 2014-07-05 2014-07-12 5  
1389 SMTP VRFY issued even when server doesn't support pending-needsinfo Steve Holme Sean Atkinson 2014-07-01 7 days ago 5  
1381 Problem with proxy CONNECT using wrong auth then re-used open-confirmed Daniel Stenberg Marcel Raad 2014-06-11 7 hours ago 5  
1366 IMAP "SEARCH ALL" truncates output on large boxes open-confirmed Steve Holme Radosław Kojdecki 2014-04-29 10 hours ago 5  
1363 Negotiate with SSPI not working pending-needsinfo Daniel Stenberg Marcel Raad 2014-04-23 5 days ago 5  
1213 Wrong STARTTRANSFER timer for POST requests getting response code 100 open Daniel Stenberg Mezon 2013-04-06 7 days ago 4  
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