#794 reconf script not OK

3 days ago
Bas Mevissen

The reconf script is not OK. It misses the m4/* macros. Also, it is better to have automake copy the missing files ISO of linking and the autom4te.cache dir should be cleaned after running reconf. My updated reconf script looks like this:

aclocal -I . -I m4 || die "The command 'aclocal -I . -I m4' failed"
autoheader --force || die "The command 'autoheader --force' failed"
automake --copy --add-missing --force-missing || die "The command 'automake --copy --add-missing --force-missing' failed"
autoconf --force || die "The command 'autoconf --force' failed"
rm -rf autom4te.cache

(yes, I force everything to be sure)




    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Thanks for the report, this problem is now fixed in CVS!

  • Dan Fandrich
    Dan Fandrich

    Is the reconf script even necessary? It seem to me to duplicate what buildconf does. That that duplicates what autoreconf does, so maybe both of them can go.

  • reconf seems totally pointless and we should ask users to use buildconf instead. I'll proceed and simply remove reconf!

    autoreconf is probably close to what buildconf is, but more generic and "out of our control" so I'm reluctant to handing over to rely on that (external) tool.