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#14 popen fails on win98

jeff putnam

On windows 98 with python 2.3b1 curator failes to
identify the sizes of files. Chasing this down I've
discovered that using popen to get the output from
"identify -format" fails for me. I have no idea why.
Similarly popen on "identify" with no flags fails. It
looks like it might be some kind of output buffer
flushing problem, but I don't know enough about Windows
(being a Unix user by choice) to understand.

A few clues....

Adding "\n" and "\r" to the end of the output format
string do not seem to have had any effect.

Running a "convert" works fine - so the program is
evidently completing ok.

I did have to double the "%" signs in the format string
to get "system('identify -format...')" to work correctly.

Artificially lengthening the format string by adding
junk to it didn't change anything.

"identify -verbose" gets the result through to the
popen fine.

Workaround :

Since "identify -verbose" works fine in the popen I'm
doing that and looking for the "Geometry: " string in
the output with an re.compile("Geometry:....").