#33 test_cunit.c fails!

Anil Kumar
Core Issue (23)
John Pote


I have taken the source code and compiled it for an embedded Nios II processor (a soft processor in an Altera FPGA). To get it to compile/run properly I have done the following:-
1 removed 'curses.c'
2 made function 'CU_dump_memory_usage()' in MyMem.c do nothing as the Nios environment has no file capability for saving the XML file.

The supplied test_cunit.c is used as is to provide the 'main' function.

When I run it the following console messages appear:-
<console op="">
Testing CUnit internals...
testing CUError.c ... - 15 assertions, 0 failures
testing MyMem.c ... - 34 assertions, 0 failures
testing TestDB.c ... - 514 assertions, 0 failures
testing TestRun.c ...
Aborting due to error #10: Test registry does not exist.

Is this what is supposed to happen? have I done something wrong? Is it a bug!?

Any help/comments appreciated.

Apart from this I have successfully started to use it with my project.
Many thanks,
John Pote


  • Anthony C
    Anthony C

    I believe this is not a true bug.
    You are simply missing the other define CUNIT_DO_NOT_DEFINE_UNLESS_BUILDING_TESTS.
    When using CUNIT_BUILD_TESTS, you need the above as well



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