#10 Integration test for OSGi

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Marco Schulze

Create an integration test which verifies the OSGi descriptors by running some tests in an OSGi environment (e.g. Felix or Equinox).

Should we run all tests in the OSGi container (again)? On one hand, it is unnecessary, because it can be assumed that nearly all things behave the same inside OSGi as before in a non-OSGi environment. On the other hand, some things definitely work differently - especially class-loading. Maybe the best would thus be to have specific tests for the OSGi environment instead of simply running all the (other) tests again. This would save time and allow to check for certain situations that only cause trouble in OSGi (e.g. the model classes being spread over multiple OSGi bundles).


  • Andy Jefferson
    Andy Jefferson

    Known issue with the MANIFEST.MF generated for org.cumulus4j.store where it has
    Import-Package: javax.jdo;version="[3.1,4)", ...

    The version range is basically wrong, and the felix-bundle plugin likely is the culprit; reported on felix-user mailing list, no response thus far.

  • Andy Jefferson
    Andy Jefferson

    There seems to be an amount of usage of Class.forName(), certainly in o.c.store.crypto.keymanager.*. This *may* need changing for OSGi deployment to work successfully