CUDA-Z installing problem

  • tppnr

    I'm trying to install CUDA-Z. I'm not very experience with Linux but I move around most of it without big problems.
    This is the result after I launch the installer:

    CUDA-Z 0.7.181 Container
    Starting CUDA-Z...
    ./ 46: ./ /home/*/*/CUDA-Z-597c-c5ce-ee68-61fb/cuda-z: not found

    google did not help.

  • I guess you have x64 version of Linux. Actually, what exactly OS do you run CUDA-Z on?

    Here is a quote from download page:

    Note also that x86_64 linux requires 32-bit compatibility libraries package being installed to run CUDA-Z. (sudo apt-get install ia32-libs for Ubuntu x86_64).

    Try it. If it doesn't help let me know!

  • tppnr

    Yes, I'm using ubuntu 12.04 LTS x64.
    And Yes I install the required software in the download page, that' why I'm here.

    I think there is a problem while unpacking CUDA-Z. The 32 bit folder does not match the 64 bit. I encounter this problem a lot.

  • Try again this again:

    sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

    and don't forget to confirm with "Y" when it asks for dependencies.

    ./ 46: ./ /home///CUDA-Z-597c-c5ce-ee68-61fb/cuda-z: not found
    This is exactly the message when no ia32-libs are installed.