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Cuckoo is an open source Resource Adapter for SAP-ECC that is compatible to the Java Connector Architecture (JCA) version 1.5. It internally uses the SAP Java Connector (JCo) version 3 to call remote-enabled function modules in the SAP-ABAP stack.


  • The first version is a JCA 1.5 compatible outbound adapter that can be used in environments that do not support JCA 1.6 yet.
  • As a next step, the Cuckoo Resource Adapter will be upgraded to JCA 1.6.
  • Finally, inbound capability will be added.

Current status

The current version is available in the "Downloads" section. Feel free to download and report your experience on the discussion group or issues to the tracker.


The Cuckoo Resource Adapter for SAP is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3.


You have to deploy the Resource Adapter to your favorite application server and configure it to point to your SAP system(s). Example configuration can be found here: [Application server specific configuration].

Programming model

You use the JCA Common Client Interface (CCI) to call function modules in the SAP backend. A short overview is provided here: [Calling SAP Function Modules].

For an example application, check the following GitHub repository: https://github.com/cerker/cuckoo-example

Using Hibersap

JCA gives us a lot of benefits like Container Managed Transactions, Container Managed Security, standardized configuration, etc. On the other hand, as can be seen in the examples the Common Client Interface is quite cumbersome to deal with. Its API isn't really state of the art in that we have to write a lot of glue code, do unchecked casts due to the lack of generics, have to handle checked exceptions and have to manually map parameter values to Java business objects.

This is the point where Hibersap comes in. With Hibersap, parameters are mapped to business objects using annotations and glue code is reduced to a minimum. In combination, Cuckoo and Hibersap give us the opportunity to actually write very elegant code to integrate SAP business logic into Java EE applications.

Check out the Hibersap documentation at http://hibersap.org and an example application at https://github.com/cerker/cuckoo-hibersap-example

Getting Help, Contribute

Please use the discussion group and tickets application on Sourceforge to provide feedback such as questions, bugs, ideas, or praise. You are very welcome to provide code. If you like to, please open a ticket first to discuss your ideas.


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