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new release on cubrid.org and considerations

Laura Oh
  • Laura Oh
    Laura Oh

    Few questions:
    the 3.0 release note in html has still errors, working on now?

    http://cubrid.org/manual/  linked to the new 3.0 manual. However,

    the Manual button on the first page, is linked to the http://wiki.cubrid.org/index.php/Cubrid_2008_R2.1_manual , However,

    if you click manual button on the wiki page, it is linked to the http://wiki.cubrid.org/index.php/CUBRID_Manuals

    It's confusing me, what will be the best for users?

    And, too much and big images on the first page makes users to mouse-drag. How about compacting images to make the page short not necessary to drag much. Centralized design is better for me. What do you guys think?

  • Esen Sagynov
    Esen Sagynov

    On Monday October 4th, 2010, we plan to release CUBRID 3.0 Stable. The Release Note has some changes, so we will need to upload a fresh one. I will upload the 3.0 installation files to SF.net. Then change the downloads page at cubrid.org.

  • Please let me know as soon as you upload it on SF.