Esen wrote:
I have noticed this issue at the very beginning and asked to change it. At that moment MSDN was almost the most convenient manual system, however, not the ideal. In the current manual, I ALWAYS have to navigate back to the parent node to see what other contents are available for the page I was reading. Except the previous and next articles I cannot know others. The current TOC is the same as the breadcrumbs when you are reading the leaf node. So it is very inconvenient for me. I do not know how you use. So, if you do not have serious reasons not to fix this, please change the default behavior.



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Dear Esen,

The current TOC behavior is the one that is currently used on MSDN.
Regarding TOC and breadcrumbs is not quite the same thing (redundant) because breadcrumbs have no available children nodes (at least in my opinion).
I understand what the user says but I am not sure that all the users have the same opinion about this. Please allow me to get some more feedback about the current TOC (or the possibility to change it like you said) from other users as well before making any changes. I will get back to you on this issue.