PHPainfree Framework about CUBRID

  • Esen Sagynov
    Esen Sagynov


    Below is the response of PHPainfree Framework, which can be used to create web applications. It is hosted at Github

    The owners original site is here

    P.S. I am a Project Manager of CUBRID, a free open source database management system highly optimized for Web applications. I saw your PHPainfree Framework. I am quite positive on open source solutions development, so glad you ventured this idea. I noticed you lately added the MySQL PDO Driver support to PHPainfree. Let me know if you want to have CUBRID Database support as well. It has the PHP Extension and compatible with PHP 5.2.x and 5.3.x. I can provide you all the information you might need.

    I wasn't paying close attention to your last email and completely
    glossed over the P.S.

    I've never heard of CUBRID before but I am very intrigued. It looks
    awesome. I would be more than happy to add CUBRID support to
    PHPainfree. To be honest, the only reason PHPainfree only has MySQL
    and PDO support is because MySQL is really the only database I work
    with these days.

    But CUBRID looks pretty sweet and I'm going to have to set aside some
    time to play with it.

    I built PHPainfree out of frustration with web development frameworks.
    All of the "big guys" like Kahona and CodeIgniter are big bloated
    nightmares that force you to use their crazy APIs to get anything
    done. I am more of an old school type of developer who thinks that PHP
    is a good enough API for building applications and don't like having
    to learn a bunch of new methods and functions that these frameworks

    So PHPainfree basically just does a little bit of backend magic but
    doesn't make you learn anything new. It's more like a PHP Structure
    Framework more than anything else. It just gives you a little bit of
    power in project organization and does a little bit of magic to help
    speed things up.

    UserPing is the first big project that I know of using PHPainfree and
    it's been working out great for me so far. I'm building UserPing all
    by myself so there is a lot of work to be done, but PHPainfree lets me
    quickly build out new functionality and allows me to work much faster
    than I would using a different framework. And since PHPainfree is so
    small and lightweight, UserPing takes advantage of that and is able to
    be blazingly fast under high loads. The entire UserPing infrastructure
    is currently running entirely on one VPS server with only 1 Gig of
    RAM. That same server is also hosting,, as well as and the
    ping server The fact that PHPainfree is so
    fast is the only thing that even makes it possible for UserPing to
    have any chance of success.

    Running an analytics company normally would require a massive backend
    infrastructure (and it still probably will as I get more users), but
    by using PHPainfree instead of something like CodeIgniter or CakePHP
    I'm able to build UserPing up to a level where it can make some profit
    before I have to start investing money into additional servers and
    stuff to handle the load.

    Anyway, please send me whatever you think will help me add a CUBRID
    driver to PHPainfree and I'll get those changes pushed out to the main
    repo on GitHub. Basically, all the PHPainfree driver needs to be able
    to do is return a connection object handle to the database.

    So for MySQLi and PDO, all that the driver is returning is the return
    of new mysqli(); That object resource is stored in $Painfree->db and
    allows the developers to make queries to that wherever they need to.

    Thanks for the tip. CUBRID looks awesome. Of course, you realize that
    since I have horrible ADHD, you showing me a cool project now means
    that I'll be unable to work on UserPing until I've played with
    CUBRID… :D You're contributing to my delinquency. ;)


  • I hope that soon there will be a version of PHPainfree with CUBRID support.
    You can send him the link to the page with the Mysql Compatibility Library that helps a lot porting php applications from MySql to CUBRID.