Need to test pentaho ETL tool for CUBRID

Laura Oh
  • Laura Oh
    Laura Oh

    One of pentaho project contributor made a patch for CUBRID and he asked us to test it more accurately.
    I think one of Romania developer who is already working on DB designer or scriptella can do this.
    After he gets feedback from us, modified patch will be reviewed by their reviewers and then released in its 4.1 version.

    Here’s are useful links you can follow:

    PDI(Kettle) Project:
    Documents for PDI:
    Environment for build:

    files including a CUBRID patch:
    1. get download  and unzip:
    2. Execute Spoon, GUI tool for designing. For Windows, execute spoon.bat and for Linux.
    3. Get information about how to use:
    4. CUBRID menu will be shown on Database Connection. You can connect the local CUBRID DB with this tool and test features. 

    What he already did is testing a simple scenario such as:
    1. Selecting rows from CUBRID db  By using table input step, he could read rows.
    2. Copying tables from Oracle to CUBRID  Inserting data from the table input into CUBRID tables
    3. Using Serial -> Fetching sequence numbers from CUBRID SERIAL objects on 'Add sequence' step
    4. Data type test  He wants to get feedback about this part. Test on various data types supported by CUBRID should be performed.
    5. ODBC & JNDI  He didn’t test ODBC because he assumed ODBC may work if JDBC works. (81.54 MB) PC저장

  • We have made the test for Pentaho application.
    You can check the results in the pdf file that can be found here

  • Esen Sagynov
    Esen Sagynov

    We will contact with the developer so that he addresses the issues arose during your Pentaho testing. We will let you know the results.

  • The original commiter of Pentaho recieved our feedback file and he will look through the prolems and improve the sources afterwards. Thank you all.

  • Laura Oh
    Laura Oh

    oops, I've just logged on. The previous posting was by me.

  • Laura Oh
    Laura Oh

    after our feedback from the the test result, the original developer modified and patched. CUBRID tech-support team tested the second based on the first test scenario and just get back the second result to the original developer. There are some minor issues in the ported pentaho with r2.2, however, bug issue with r3.0 beta since r3.0 jdbc driver's procotol was changed. I have to check if no compatibility in jdbc driver or not. anyway, I hope that pentaho, which is very famous etl tool, support cubrid very soon.