Question about CUBRID R4.0 Ticket #137

  • thorny-road

    In wiki page:

    It says that: "like mysql, no_backslash_escape option is required. If this option is set, backslash escaping does not work. but default value is no." But after I tested it in csql, I found that the default value of no_backslash_escapes is yes.

    My question is when CUBRID R4.0 is released, will this parameter be no, or yes? Thanks.

  • Wang Dong
    Wang Dong

    Hi, I am CUBRID Cluster team member,  I am not sure whether my answer is correct to you.

    From the code of CUBRID R4.0, the default value of system parameter of "no_backslash_escapes" is true.
    you can see code in:

    433 bool PRM_NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES = true;
    434 static bool prm_no_backslash_escapes_default = true;

    So, If you did not add other configure in cubrid.conf to change the no_backslash_escapes ,  the default value of "no_backslash_escapes" should be true(yes).
    I guess maybe the wiki page has some mistakes.


  • The wiki page has some mistakes.
    thanks for the reply.

  • CUBRID 2008 R4.0 Beta version will be released on April, or May.