#13 Fire-Block bug


I have a problem with the fire blocks!
In larger levels it could be that the fire could be blocks of limited use.
In smaller level I can rotate and move around often better, but at large
Level or levels where many spikes, enemies, etc. can be located, I am limited and maybe only 3 times to move! Especially after the rotation is very disturbing!
This is not because of the FPS rate! Mine is still almost 50!

I hope you could regulate the problem and help me.
Thank you for the early support! ;)


    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Arlaan


    thanks for the bug report. Unfortunately, the fire block issue is one of the most annoying und unpleasant errors Cubosphere still has. I was the one who set the time a fire block needs to burn the ball completely, as well as the time the ball needs to cool down. Especially in the Dark Chapter with all its fire levels, it sometimes even happens to me that the ball just melts because of one tiny millisecond. In the fixed release (Beta 0.2a, coming soon) it will even no longer be possible to rotate the ball fluidly by just holding the left or right button pressed. Since sooooo many people have complained that the ball rotates twice sometimes when it shouldn't, we have implemented an automatic pause like in Kula World. but with that pause, it is even harder now to roll on a fire field, rotate quickly and roll back, because in order to rotate the ball fluidly now, you need to press the left or right key twice with a little break in between.

    So, why am I telling you all this, why not simply changing the time the block needs to heat up the ball? Well, many levels use a specific amount of fire blocks in a row, and changing the heat up time could mean that some levels won't work as intended any longer. It would need a lot of time (which we haven't at the moment) to check and fix all the current levels using fire blocks.
    But I think the heat up time will slightly (!) be increased in Beta 0.2a, so that it is a little bit easier to deal with fire tiles. I will try to find a more or less perfect setting for the fire tiles this weekend. It has to be a value that is big enough to ensure that the old intended level design still works, but there must be at least a little change so that your problems disappears.
    Check our site and get the fixed Beta 0.2a, I will try to fix the issue with the fire blocks as good as I can without changing every level using fire blocks.