Simon Hasur

CTruck 2D is a 2D, oldstyle, physically realistic 2D truck game. Predecessor of the CTruck3D vehicle simulator series. I wrote it from zero in C (+OpenGL&GLUT). It has ascii-art and nice graphics version, and a special funny version

It's a very basic thing: there are free rigid bodies and springs with strong attenuation/damping. It's very simple and very short code, and collisions of bodies with ground are good and stable.

A good simulation of this kind, however requires Lagrangian method. I proposed the Lagrange_motocross as an alternative of this kind. The code is not much longer but the it's overall more complicated, and collisions are a bad issue.

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the ascii-art version: like a real text-based game
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the funny version: ground deformes! THis is the mature ver
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screenshot of game. It is a show-how-all-it-works visualisat

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