#8 PLSQL not supported?


On the website it says plsql is supported but when I do
a --list-languages plsql not listed.

Maybe it's just not listed but IS supported? I don't
really know what I'm doing with this tool (I'm trying
to get a navigator-addin for Textpad), but I tried:

ctags <plsql-filename>

and nothing happened, or at least not so's I can tell.

Ok, it's created a "tags" file when I ran it with a
JavaScript file, but how do I use that with TextPad (on
Win XP)? Plus I'm presuming the tags will no longer
match to the correct line numbers as soon as I edit the



  • Darren Hiebert
    Darren Hiebert

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    PL/SQL is supported, but it is called SQL in the list of
    supported languages. This language is mapped to the
    extension .sql by default. What filename were you attempting?

    To my knowledge, TextPad does not support tag files. TextPad
    is only intended to be a simple text editor, not a
    programming editor, so this is not surprising. You can find
    a list of editors supporing tag files at

    Tag files generally contain patterns to locate the tags,
    rather than line nunbers. This allows the tags to still be
    located despite changes to the code.

  • Cloink

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    The file has an extension of .pkb (package body); I have
    lots of SQL or related files which don't have a suffix of
    .sql. e.g.

    trg triggers
    pkh package header (others also use pks, spec)
    tab create table sql
    vw view creation sql

    (These are all Oracle-related files, although I've only ever
    worked with one company on Oracle, I believe these are
    common conventions, partly because Oracle Designer spews out
    files with suffixes like these, and partly because the Toad
    application used for developing Oracle is also configured to
    differentiate by suffixes like these.)

    I was recommended ctags to complement TextPad by someone on
    a TextPad forum, tho' I did note that TextPad wasn't
    mentioned on your site. S'pose I'll have to have a word
    with whoever on the TP site!

    Thanks anyway.

  • Darren Hiebert
    Darren Hiebert

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    Well, for now you can map the extra extensions with the
    --langmap option. In your case, you would specify:
    "--langmap=sql:+.trg.pkh.tab.vw". I will look at mapping
    these extensions by default. My only concern is overlap with
    other supported languages.

    Regarding TextPad, tag support may be included, but nothing
    is mentioned on its web site, nor has anyone informed me of
    such support.

    If your concerns have been sufficiently addressed, please
    close this support request so I don't close it on you

  • Darren Hiebert
    Darren Hiebert

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  • Cloink

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  • Cloink

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    No no you're right textpad doesn't support ctags, I hadn't
    read the thread properly, someone posted a link to your
    website and referred me to another thread - I didn't read
    the other thread, just jumped straight in assuming ctags was
    supported. Sorry for the bother! There *is* an enhancement
    request in with TP tho' to get ctags support so it may be
    there at some point in the future.

    That shouldn't affect whether or not you choose to add these
    other extensions tho'. Incidentally, if you don't know
    Oracle too well, it *is* common for people to separate out
    their packages from their triggers from their straight-SQL
    files, etc; although I can see an argument for lumping them
    all together under the SQL banner, we Oracle programmers
    conceptualise them quite differently and so would probably
    prefer recognition between these different Ora file types.