Hi, All
        I'm working on a program wich uses lots of header files, and for convenience all these files are put in the same directory. While my main source files are in the
diffenrent directory, and for the sake of conciseness, my "#include" expression doesn't specify the relative path of the header file, just the name of the header file specified.
        Then the problem comes out.  I use the  command of "ctags  *.c/*.cpp" to  produce the  tag file while  lots of the  varibles and functions can't be found. Because the
ctags can't find the header files under current directory.  This problem doesn't exist when I compile my source files because I can specify the default including path in the
makefile or the project file, and all the header files can be found .
        I don't know how to solve this problem and really need some nice instructions.
Best Regards,
Billy, April 12th, 2006