> I believe emacs is to blame…. But I would like to know is, what could explain the behaviour ?
> Is ctags sensitive to specific environment variables which can have such an effect ? Can a different line ending character have such an effect ? Anything else ?


Let me rephrase the question, and be more specific.


With the simple command “ctags -e -R”, i’m guessing that ctags internally builds the list of files to be processed.


With the –e option, ctags should only use relative paths in the TAGS files.

However, some other criterion somehow takes precedence over the –e option, which causes ctags to use absolute paths. What can that criterion be ?

Even with “ctags -e -R --tag-relative=yes” I’m seeing the same behaviour (absolute paths)


Perhaps emacs is to blame for wrongly configuring “external” parameters (e.g. environment variables), but all I’m asking is, what are the parameters that ctags internally looks at, to make a decision about relative / absolute paths ?