tags for dot net extensions

  • webber123456

    If I modify the asp.c file to include extensions for dot net files, (.aspx,.ascx,.asmx,.asax), do I need to recompile the ctags .exe file ?

    If so, what is command line code to recompile ?

    • Elliott Hughes
      Elliott Hughes

      yes, you would need to recompile. you can test whether this would work for you by using:

        ctags -o - --language-force=asp my_file.aspx

      to see if the tags are right. i don't know enough about ASP.NET to know whether this is really all you need. anyway, with that experience in hand, you should open a bug in the Ctags bug tracker. (where i'll also help you get it recompiled if you're still having trouble.)

      [i'll ask an admin to close this forum because no-one actually reads them!]