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Version 1.1 released

Changes since v1.0:
* Added a new "Match colors from images" feature:
This effectively enables you to use external image editors for manipulating the CSS colors.

* Added support for user saved Presets:
You can manage your custom tinting presets using the new Presets... button on the "Tint Colors" dialog. "Black and White" preset is included as an example.

* Fixed the bug with Hue slider (it was between [-360,360] degrees instead of [-180,180])... read more

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2007-04-03

CSSTint v1.0 is released!

That's right, grab your own copy from http://csstint.sourceforge.net! :)

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2006-12-11

Version 0.9 released

Changes since last version:
* Added Copy/Paste: You can copy colors to the clipboard as plain text, and paste them to the color table over existing colors, or to other applications.

* Added Edit in place command, allowing you to manually type the color code for the selected color

* Added Drap & Drop support, you can drop CSS files into the CSSTint window

* Configuration is now saved (to the registry on Windows), i.e. the window size & position, column widths... read more

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2006-12-05

Version 0.85 released

Main changes:
* Extended the "Tint colors" dialog
* Added a menu for converting between color formats
* Added support for 'transparent' colors

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2006-11-30

Version 0.7 released

CSSTint 0.7 is up, main changes are:
* Undo / Redo
* Completely new looking, better color table
* Proper support for 'border:'

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2006-11-24

CSSTint v0.55 released

New version is up. Main changes:

* Added right-click pop up - menu for the color table

* Added support for system colors and the rgb(100%,100%,100%) format

* Better build files

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2006-11-21

CSSTint v0.5 released

The first public version is now available for download. Hopefully some people will find it useful. :) Feedback is more than welcome!

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2006-11-20