Move this ahead, please

  • LouArnold

    This project should be replaced by one that re-creates MacRabbit's CSSEdit, but written in Java.
    This current version is in fact quite good. It needs a built-in web browser that auto-refreshes, and a web/file temp area so that changes need not be immediately published.

  • Iago Rubio
    Iago Rubio

    I don't really understand what you mean with this louarnold sorry.

    Do you mean we should rewrite this project in Java ?

    Do you mean we should mimic MacRabbit's CSSEdit functionality ?

    Do you mean we should be replaced by other known project in Linux distributions ?

    About the web browser, could you please elaborate on the functionality you think this built-in browser should have ?

    About the web/file temp area, the problem with this kind of functionality is there are many different kinds of web projects. To catter to all of them is almost imposible, we would have to ship a LAMP stack, java stack, node.js stack, ruby-on-rails stack, etc …

    Also, this may be bound to project support in cssed. Cssed is a source code editor, no an ide with project support right now, even while it would not be hard to develop a simple project support for it.

    What kind of functionality do you think the web/file temp area should have ?

    Thanks for your interest.