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Remote qccess for CSQL

  • Ashutosh Misra
    Ashutosh Misra

    Hi !

    We are evaluating CSQL Cache for an upcoming project. The project is a PHP based website with MySQL as the database. We would like to use CSQL Cache + Gateway to cache our master data so that it can be served to website users with sub-second response times. We were able to make CSQL Cache work when Apache Web Server and CSQL Cache are deployed on the same physical machine.
    We would like to deploy CSQL on a machine of its own with Apache Web Server on a separate machine. The PHP application will be deployed on the Apache Web Server Machine and will communicate with the CSQL cache/gateway using ODBC calls over a network link.
    We deployed CSQL on one machine to listen on port 5678 and set the parameter CSQL_SQL_SERVER to true. On the second machine we have configured a CSQL DSN using the steps highlighted on the following link ( for configuring UNIX ODBC with CSQL and have specified SERVER as the IP of the CSQL machine and port as 5678 in this DSN.
    When we use this DSN with ISQL utility from machine 2 for testing connectivity to CSQL Cache on machine 1, we get a shared memory error. 
    I would like to know if it is possible to connect with CSQL Cache using ODBC in this manner. If yes, I would like to know what I need to do differently.

  • currently, there is no network support for php. PHP- odbc api needs to be modified in order to accomodate this. This will be planned for the next release