Even though I'm not a csound developer, I like the suggestion of making ASCII graphs or no graphs the default, as the default FLTK display also crashes Cocoa hosts (reentrancy issues aside).


On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 2:32 PM, Victor Lazzarini <Victor.Lazzarini@nuim.ie> wrote:
Hi everyone,

I've spent yesterday afternoon, then late into the night and tomorrow
morning trying to fix a reentrancy issue with FLTK graphs.
There was a static variable still remaining in the FLTK graph code,
which I have now removed and committed to GIT. However, problems still

It appears that if we run a second compilation on an existing, reset/
cleaned up, instance, a FLTK method call seems to mess up the
memory and we get a crash.

I isolated one call that does that (other calls might also do the
same, I have not checked all the possibilities). Line 292 of InOut/


After this call, the pointers to ST(form) (the main window) and other
graph widgets on that window get screwed up. Next time code tries
access it,
we get a crash. This happens on the second compilation of an existing
instance. If we destroy the instance and compile again on a new
all is well. This has been discovered on OSX.

Since this is in FLTK library code, there is nothing we can do.  I am
wondering whether we should make "no graphs" or even "ascii graphs"  as
defaults instead of FLTK, so we can sidestep this problem for the

Any other suggestions?


Dr Victor Lazzarini
Senior Lecturer
Dept. of Music
NUI Maynooth Ireland
tel.: +353 1 708 3545
Victor dot Lazzarini AT nuim dot ie

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