#3 expect yuv420p color palette

Walter Haidinger

camserv-0.42 expects that the image is returned in
RGB24 color format by the videodevice.

However, some drivers like the Philips webcam driver
for Linux (http://www.smcc.demon.nl/webcam/) only
support the YUV420P color palette.

This patch adds the rgb24 to yuv420p color palette
conversion functions (ripped from the xawtv sources)
and makes camserv _expect_ the YUV420P color

Therefore, this patch should only be applied by users
using camserv with drivers supporting the YUV420P
color palette.

I'd glad if someone adds some code to check for the
supported color palettes and use the required
conversion functions accordingly.

Comments or questions are welcome.

Regards, Walter

PS: To apply the patch cd into the directory where you
extracted the camserv-0.42 source and do:
patch -p1 < camserv-0.42_yuv.diff

Then configure and build camserv as usual,
documented in the INSTALL and README files.


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  • rgb24 to yuv420p color palette patch

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    This patch is _identical_ to the one just posted minutes ago
    having request id ##461827.

  • rgb24 to yuv420p color palette patch

  • RGB to YUV palette patch, updated version

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    *** Update (2001-11-15) ***
    Uploaded a cleaned up version of the patch.
    Please use always the most recent version!

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    Lieber Herr Haidinger,

    wie wre es mit einem Patch fr Camserv Version 0.5?

    Gruss Lutz Voigt

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    FYI: The camserv-0.42-YUV-20011115.diff also applies to
    0.5.0 with only some line offsets.

    Also, change 'calculate_pic_mean()' to '
    camserv_get_pic_mean' in line 646 of

    This obviously slipped through but a bug-fix release
    should be available soon.

    Then, the libraries have moved to /usr/local/lib/camserv so
    you might need to update your config files accordingly.

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    FYI: The CVS tree now incorporates the YUV420 patch. camserv
    will automatically select either the RGB or YUV color palette.
    Works for me with the CVS snapshot from May 16th, Linux pwc
    8.6 and pwcx 8.2.1 philips webcam drivers.

    To retrieve from CVS do (hit Return if prompted for a password):
    cvs -z3

    cvs -z3
    co camserv

    cd camserv

    PS: As noted by the author of camserv, the text filters now
    use the strftime format.

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    How do I have to configure the patched camserv so it works
    with my Philips PCVC740K (ToUCam Pro)?

    It seems as if camserv doesn't even open /dev/video.

    Best regards
    Hans-Peter Bock

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    The patch does not have to be configured.
    It just changes the way how data in an input buffer is

    If the video device isn't opened, you have some other, more
    general problems. Which version did you try? 0.42, 0.5 or
    CVS? Which kernel version (say, which pwc drivers) are you

    Please answer the above questions to my private address
    (walter.haidinger@gmx.at) and I'll try to help you.
    Don't forget to attach the camserv config file you're using!

    Regards, Walter

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