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project inactive

I still get a lot of email on this project, however, I'd like for everyone to know that it is now just plain inactive. Sorry - it's been four years since I opened the project, and I haven't been keeping up with xemacs changes, and modifying this project to go along with those changes. I suspect people have found better/other solutions at this point anyway. I'll keep the project around in case anyone wants to pick it up. It should still work pretty well (I still use it daily, but I haven't updated my xeamcs in years!)

Posted by Matt Bruce 2005-01-08

CSDE - C# - for emacs: beta available

A beta version has now been posted. This version will work for all basic editing (and we use it for that already!). You can download it from sourceforge.net now!

Posted by Matt Bruce 2001-12-03

call for programmers

CSDE project is currently looking for contributers. There is much work to be done with the Reflection packages as well as the Wizard and Auto-Complete code, once reflection is working. Send email to mattsbruce@hotmail.com to contribute!

Posted by Matt Bruce 2001-12-01

screenshots posted

I have an email or two asking to show what this mode looks like, so I posted a few screenshots. You can see the font-lock in a few of them. One shot shows the grammatical parsing.

Posted by Matt Bruce 2001-12-01