#27 cscope opening directories as include files


Some C++ apps #include <iostream>. There is such an include file, but also, there is a directory by that name in a -I directory, so when rebuilding the cscope database file, cscope crashes opening that directory as a flat file.

I run cscope -L in a ksh script as a <PRE> html doc producing web service, which annotates the query and db rebuilding process:

Find this global definition: 'userlog'

Rebuilding file tree . . .

Listing file tree . . .

Rebuilding DB . . .

Cannot open file /opt/aCC/include/iostream


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------------------------------- command line ---------------------
cscope -f ../db_tr_x -I/appl/tuxedo/8.0.X8/include -I/appl/sybase/OCS-12_5.10192/include -I/appl/db2cnt8/sqllib/include -I/appl/informix/7.31.UD3.SDK290HC1X4/incl -I/appl/informix/7.31.UD3.SDK290HC1X4/incl/esql -I/appl/rsa/rsa5.0/cryptoc50/include -I/appl/rsa/rsa5.0/cryptoc50/samples/demo/bdemo -I/appl/rsa/rsa5.0/cryptoc50/samples/common/include -I/appl/rsa42/Bsafe42/hpux/pa_risc20/32bit/library -I/appl/iplanet/ldap/include -I/prod1/csdsit/cs_core/200708/include -I/prod1/csdsit/cs_rw_base/200708/include -I/prod1/csdsit/cs_securit/200708/include -I/prod1/csdsit/cs_access/200708/include -I/prod1/csdsit/csc_ghis/201002/include -I/prod1/csdsit/cs_perf/200708/include -I/opt/aCC/include -I/opt/aCC/include/iostream -I/opt/aCC/include/SC -I/opt/aCC/include/rw -L -1 'userlog' -i ../fl_tr_x


  • DGPickett

    It also brings the directory name up on file search, as if it was a flat file.

  • And you're sure the actual compiler can live with that same setup?

    cscope does test the directory entry it found with access(3) --- I'm not entirely sure why that should fail to detect that directories aren't readable.

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