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CrystalNight Game Engine / News: Recent posts

Status of the Database Design

The method of monster progression has been decided apon. Becuase right now I can't think of a way to traverse through a tree of Strains from parent A and Parent B to create child ? I'll do it more of a merging. There will remain the two methods (breeding/binding) only it will all be based off the stats of the parents rather than a tree of set children. This may or may not be a better way of doing it.... read more

Posted by Samson Justice 2002-04-02

Project Started

Okay, I've got err something on the home page *grin* admitiedly not a whole lot. Currently working on plotting out what attributes each different element of the database should have (eg towns/beasts/items/etc). And trying to think how I want to progress through the tree. Once that's all done I'll probably build the base classes for each bit of information for the database and a test program and release all that. A feature list is on its way in a week or so along with a better home page. That is all. - S.C. Justice

Posted by Samson Justice 2002-04-01