Message to Potential Students

  • Hi all potential students for Google Summer of Code.

    To get you started I recommend checkout the list of ideas we have ( Always discuss here with us first because some of these ideas on that list are not fully up-to-date and need some finetuning. We can talk more about it in detail if you tell us what you would like to do.

    Also feel free to come up with your own innovative ideas. It is also possible to include CEL and Ares in your project ideas. I would very much welcome Ares related projects for example.

    You should also make sure to make yourselves comfortable with Crystal Space. It is recommended you use the development (unstable) version of CS (2.1) which you can get from svn ( Experiment, read code, try to do some tutorials. In other words: make sure you know what CS is all about. And of course you can always ask questions here or on IRC (#CrystalSpace in

    About your proposal you will eventually submit to us: make sure it is sufficiently detailed so we can judge if what you are going to do thisi summer is good for us. You may be a brilliant programmer with splendid ideas but if you can't convince us in your proposal then that is not going to do you any good. This page ( contains a template you can use for your proposal but remember that it is only a template. You will have to provide the actual contents.

    Also keep the GSoC timeline in mind ( You cannot apply right now but this is the good time to get to know each other, get comfortable with CS, talk about your potential proposal and so on.

    So good luck to all of you!