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Cryptonit - Belgische/Belgian/belge eID kaard/card/carte

Installation and configuration required for using the digital certificate that is stored in the Belgian eID card in order to sign files. // NL: Installatie- en configuratiestappen die nodig zijn om de digitale certificaten van de Belgische eID kaart te gebruiken voor authenticatie en file signing. // FR: Le logiciel de chiffrement Cryptonit peut signer des documents grâce au certificat numérique stocké dans la carte d'identité belge. Tout sujet belge peut ainsi convoyer la confiance attachée à l'identité reconnue par son gouvernement.

Posted by Nat Makarevitch 2006-12-18

Cryptonit version 0.9.7 released


- Add Swedish translation
- Fix autotools bug
- First support for MacOSX
- Add LDAPv3 support

Posted by Mathias Brossard 2006-05-22

Cryptonit version 0.9.6d win32 binary released

The win32 binary for 0.9.6c contained a bug when trying to select Arabic locale.

Posted by Mathias Brossard 2006-05-11

Cryptonit version 0.9.6c released

* Fix encoding issue under Windows (When a user's certificate
had unicode strings (or contained accent), under Microsoft
Windows those strings where not displayed as expected).

* Fix a bug in AddressBook (Exposed thanks to the MacOSX
porting effort).

* Add support for Arabic Language (thanks to Omar Dahhani)

Posted by Mathias Brossard 2006-05-09

Cryptonit version 0.9.6b win32 only fix

Minor fix for Windows version only. Only patch and Windows binary are published.

Posted by Mathias Brossard 2006-04-14

Cryptonit version 0.9.6a released

Small bugfix version, with some improved translations.

Posted by Mathias Brossard 2006-04-12

Cryptonit version 0.9.6 released

This version fix a lot of bugs that were reported and adds the following new features:

o A new module to deal with smartcards
o Use of the lastest version of wxwidgets (2.6)
o Graphical User Interface enhancement
o Full Unicode support

Posted by Mathias Brossard 2006-04-03