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#4 Unable to sign a file with a certificate on a smart card

Cedric Durmont


I'm trying to sign an arbitrary document with cryptonit
(0.9.6 on windows 2k), using my smart card certificate.
The hardware is labeled "ActivCard USB Reader V2.0". I
got it recognized under Cryptonit using a netscape
plugin DLL provided by the manufacturer.

Cryptonit cannot see the certificate until I enter my
PIN code (with my smart card's utilities). And when I
try to sign a file, Cryptonit asks me my PIN code, then
I have an info message saying "the user is already
logged in. There is no need to login again.". I click
OK, the message disappears but nothing happens. If I
chack the file, it is NOT signed.

I also tried not to enter my PIN code prior to
launching Cryptonit, but in that case it cannot see my
certificate at all, so I still cannot sign my file.

If you need me to run more tests, feel free to ask, I'd
be glad to help :o)