v2015 Release 3 from 2014-01-10
- General revision of all trunk sources.

v2015 Release 2 from 2014-01-09
- Changed install method for x64 builds.

v2015 from 2014-01-04
- New innovative and fast User Interface.
- Added x64 builds support as Release channel.
- Admin request in Updater executable removed.
- Fixed Update Service on multi-account OS.
- Service options are changeable after enabling.
- Updated install wizard and moderate bug fixes.

v2014 Release 4 from 2013-12-18
- Workaround for several minor bugs.
- Update Service skips User Account Control (UAC).
- Support for Windows XP is expired!
- Internal code clean up.
- Update packages have up to 60% less file size.
- Installation directory is unchangeable now.
- Improved Uninstaller.
- Minor spanish translation fixes.
- Spanish translation added.
- Background service acts with daily updates.
- New recovery function.
- You can import backup files now.
- Core files and Scripting Host updated.
- Menus have been restructed.
- Changelog has been moved to Troubleshooting.

v2013 Release 20 from 2013-05-28
Update Service Improvements:
- Repair ability after crashes has been added.
- Possibility to set download rate limitation.
- Silent Mode will not display any install pop-ups.
- Silent mode option for Update Service.
- Updater works faster through internal code cleanup.
- Source codes have been moved into root directory.
- Windows 8 Fix tool has been integrated.
- Installer and help file revised.
- Anti-virus scanner false positive prevention.
- Updated program components.
- One-Click feature removed.
- Compressed installer.
- Minor bugfixes.
- New recovery method.
- Help document updated.
- No more need to switch off UAC for Update Service.
- Changelog can be viewed on Windows 8 now.
- Some installer fixes.
- 'Class' error fixed for Windows Vista/7/8.
- Help file document has been added.
- Update Service registering problems solved.
- UAC must be turned off for Update Service.
- Program is incompatible with limited accounts on XP.
- Updater will assigned to current user account.
- Chromium will assigned to all user accounts.
- Administrator Manifest added.
- Memory usage has been optimized.
- German translation has been revised.
- Other moderate bug fixes.
- Updater works perceptibly faster.
- Installer compressed and speeded up.
- Some code corrections and bug fixes.
- 7-Zip libraries were updated.
- Rollback of previous skin in monochrome colors.
- Removed languages: French, Indonesian, Italian and Spanish.
- Versioning changed to year and release frequency.
- Improved installer and moderate bug fixes.