#216 in game bug reporting script

Andrew Fuchs

It would be nice if players could report bugs they find in the game. This could be implemented with a python script hooked to a command. The script should be readably available to server administrators, and ready for them to drop in to the latest trunk.

It would also be nice if some information could be collected ranging from the location of the player to a dump of the player and their current map.


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    I have mixed feelings about this. It would be nice to make it easier to report bugs, but it would be hard to do it right and to make sure that important bug reports end up here on sourceforge and don't get lost somewhere.

    Assuming that the server admin gets the bug reports generated by the python script, then this would probably mean that the admin would have to filter them to sort what could be caused by a server-specific customization and what is a generic crossfire bug. Then the relevant bug reports would have to be duplicated here on sourceforge. This would require more work from the admin, and it would be difficult for users to be notified of status updates to their bug reports (because they wouldn't be the submitters in this bug tracker).

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    Kevin Zheng

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