#182 Maps visit log; encourage playing more maps

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One way of playing a game of this magnitude is to not think as much about leveling as exploring and doing quests. The quests tracking system seems stalled. Many times I have wished my character could remember which maps have been visited. As I played off and on, sometimes with long away periods, it would be nice to have the computer help me remember where all the character has been to help encourage him to finish more different maps rather than redo them. I might, say, do all the maps in scorn, then move on to pupland and start working them.

It might involve each map having a "globally unique id" or something. If at a server level, perhaps some scoring could be applied to encourage diversity in exploring, rather than redoing the same dungeons over and over again.

Whether it is practical to do this in a player save file or not need not limit the possibility of implementation. Perhaps a client-side smart-logger that appends the map name only if it was not previously visited. Something akin to the spells window could be used to give the information back to the player.

BTW, the client-side smart logger idea could also allow players to remember all their deaths, and perhaps even other significant events like quest-solving even if server-side support is slow in coming.


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    Quest can work if people use eg Python plugin to write them. The issue is that noone wrote any quest, period - so having or not a system doesn't change anything.

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    This wasn't about quests.

    Upon entering a map, a voice in your head says ...

    You have no memory of being here before
    Something seems slightly familiar about this place
    Yup, I've been here before.
    This place is starting to feel like home.
    I wonder if they miss me when I'm gone?
    Dude... you've been here way too many times...


    Earned XP goes down the more you visit, no matter how hard the mobs.
    (Significant?) XP bonus for first time visits to maps.
    Special rewards are granted when the number of first time visits to maps hits various milestones. Such items might not be useful to another character (though that is probably a feature in and of itself).
    A player could have a world traveler rating that is expressly tied to the number of different maps visited in the character's lifetime.

    Things like this would not be particularly exploitable, since only one character could get one "reward" because it is based on first time visits. It's not like you can get this or that 50 times and give 49 of them away.

    It could bother some people because they couldn't do a map over and over and get anything worthwhile out of it, but I think that would be good for Crossfire in the long run.

    Modifying ideas... penalty for redoing maps lessens the more time that passes between visits. If you want to redo the world because you haven't played in ages... why not...