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Migrated to Subversion

The code has been migrated from the CVS repository to the Subversion (SVN) repository. For the latest version of the code, please use the SVN repository. No new commits will be made to the CVS repository.

Posted by David Wallace Croft 2009-01-09

Switched to LGPLv3 license

I have switched distribution of the CroftSoft Code Library to the GNU Lesser General Public Licence version 3.0 (LGPLv3).

Posted by David Wallace Croft 2007-08-31

new "apps" module

I am rearranging the modules. Module "core" is a pure portable library of reusable code that is not specific to any one application. Module "apps" is a collection of applications. Module "neuro" is being merged into "apps".

Posted by David Wallace Croft 2005-08-17

new CVS modules

The "croftsoft" CVS module is now frozen at the state it was in when the book was published. All of the code in the "croftsoft" module is compatible with Java 1.4.

All future updates will take place in new CVS modules such as "core" and "neuro". The source code in these new modules may require Java 5.0 or above.

Posted by David Wallace Croft 2004-12-06