CRM-CTT 3.4.2 Released

21/05/2006 - Version 3.4.2

New features

- Text area's can now also contain rich text (see extra fields section)
- New feature: NOBARSWINDOW. When enabled, opens CRM-CTT in a full-screen window without
menu- and address bars.
- A new report method was added to the summary page: management information. When using this report
method, you'll end up in the management information section, where everything you'll see will be
filtered based upon the query you made on the summary page.
- The upgrade script can now also be ran from the command line (see manual)


- Reduced the size of the main list output. Gain about 40% (on large pages) by using more CSS and javascript (thanks to
ES Automatisering).
- Deleted obsolete functions printeditform() & printeditform2(). Gain about 160KB in package size.


- Replaced the WYSIWYG editor
- Improved the trigger interface
- The templates admin page is now tab-ized
- Some tooltip hints in the extra fields page were added

Extra fields

- Custom created buttons which only trigger triggers. You can now add buttons, which save an entity and execute
some defined triggers. Cool option; you can combine the advanced access rights possibilities of an extra field with a
form element (which is cool, trust me). Other triggers will also fire when appropriate, but the button trigger will fire
last. If no value in a form is altered, only the triggers attached to the button will fire. This way you can create workflow
bypasses for specific users or groups.
- New extra field type: rich text area. This will show a rich text editor so rich text can be stored in CRM-CTT. Copy-pasting from
applications like Word works perfect. Please do mind that the content will be saved as HTML, so when you offer this field for exports,
it will export HTML code.
- New extra field type: checkbox (by popular demand)
- Text area extra fields can now be sized
- Text area extra fields can now have the clock-icon to insert date and time printed above them


- Next to the administration manual, there's now also a "configuration and management essentials" document
especially for non-technical users.
- Bug not fixed: cache problem (customer field filter in main entity list) (couldn't reproduce this)
- Replaced the 3.4.0 -> 3.4.1 upgrade routine. On very large tables (>1GB) it was killed by the kernel because it consumed
too much memory. The new routine is slower, though more memory-efficient.
- The init page with the green moving gif will never be visible for more than 20 seconds even if cache buildup was

Custom HTML forms

- Save as new entity-button for custom made forms (varuss@sf)
- Add-text-only box for custom made forms

Bug fixes

- Bug fixed: Main entity list: Sortable by each field (links were not shown)
- Bug fixed: Export Excel customers: list-of-crm-users displays as number, not names
- Bug fixed: SQL error when customer fields are used as filter in main list
- Bug fixed: Vanished values in main list when showing customer field of User-List type
- Bug fixed: management.php form-id saved wrong
- Bug fixed: deleted users will no longer be exported
- Bug fixed: LoV-extrafield in dropdown "more" list shows serialized array
- Bug fixed: WebDAV check should be HTTPS-only compatible (Joaquim)
- Bug fixed: inserted entities don't show extra field values (thanks to Gert) (3.4.1 patch on request)
- Bug fixed: Language pack display on new installations shows 'PACK' as language pack

Posted by Hidde 2006-05-21