3.3.1 Released fixing major 3.3.0 bug. All users upgrade!

Aug-20 2005: Version 3.3.0 was updated and replaced by version 3.3.1. In 3.3.0 a serious bug was found. All users running on version 3.3.0 should update as soon as possible. The problem is as follows as statet in the CHANGELOG file:

20/08/2005 - Version 3.3.1 (important, major bug fix!)

- Major 3.3.0 bug fixed. When using templated entity forms, all extra field values which
you did *NOT* place in your form will be deleted when you save it. This also happens on
normal forms when the user is not entitled to see al fields - the field values the user
cannot see will also be emptied on save.

Posted by Hidde 2005-08-20