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Crimp-2.5 is now crimphp-1.0

I've just rolled a new release based on our php engine, and uploaded to sourceforge for users to download. To differentiate from perl-bsaed crimp I've named the release crimphp and reset the version counter to 1.0.

Posted by Daniel Llewellyn 2008-04-28

crimp v2.5

ok, I've taken all my development code for the unrelease v2, and ported it to php. I've also created a php-crimp to perl-crimp bridge that enables use of _some_ (most, but not all, alas) of the modules designed for object-oriented perl-based crimp within the php environment. this works by spawning a special perl script that creates a $crimp object which outputs php code instead of printing directly (which would go to the browser if being run like fully fledged perl-crimp). this php code is taken by the 'perl' php-crimp plugin and run through like any other php code. In effect, the perl plugin is run to produce php code which then runs natively on the new crimp platform.... read more

Posted by Daniel Llewellyn 2006-11-30

Crimp v.2

Things may have been rather quiet on the public front of late, but that doesn't mean we've been sitting on our laurels. No, I've been busy updating the engine to a fully object oriented design. Also, I'm making CRIMP into a state where it can run perpetually with the webserver forwarding requests to the running instance (maybe via fastcgi or mod_perl) and having CRIMP execute the required, preloaded, plugins and sending the result back to the webserver. (I've got to add a configuration option to prevent preloading of modules if the owner so desires, so that CRIMP will perform as it does at v.1, just with the objectified interface.)

Posted by Daniel Llewellyn 2006-08-21

crimp-2006-02-02-r1 Patch available

A minor update to crimp that fixes CSS issues, download the patch from
CRIMP engine read and write routines now work as they should.
DIV tags now wrapped around all content

Posted by Deadpan110 2006-02-06

CRIMP goes gold!!

It's been a long time coming, but finally we are here, and the first official release of CRIMP has ben set loose into the wild. Head on over to the CRIMP project page on to download your very own copy.
Rest assured that we won't be resting on our laurels either. There is still much we want to do with the CRIMP engine, and more modules that we want to create. So, here's to a bright future for the CRIMP engine, and many more plugins to come. *cheers*

Posted by Daniel Llewellyn 2006-02-02

New CRIMP mailing-list launched

Crimp-users is a public mailing list hosted on and is available to everyone who uses CRIMP.
This general list can be used for discussions and bug reporting.

Posted by Deadpan110 2006-01-29

New CRIMP website launched

The default CRIMP template has had a much needed facelift and has been officially launched today.
We have used very little css to match the old template as CRIMP users are encouraged to create their own.

We expect to release CRIMP files for everyone to download very soon.

Posted by Deadpan110 2006-01-26