I am really glad that someone has replied to the queries that I had posted on the forum.
Thank you for the time and effort put in.

We have gone through the code for the address segmentation example that was provided with the package. We have understood most of the things. There was one thing that we failed to decipher, in FeatureGenImpl class there is a class called FeatureMap class which has a member strToInt of type HashTable, this member stores the feature values that are outputted in the output feature file. We fail to understand at which place in the package is the variable(strToInt) getting updated for the given data set. We would appreciate it very much if one can throw some light on this question.

Also are there any example data sets which are using Maximum Entropy(maxEnt package)?
If yes kindly let us know the download link for it.

Thanking you
Gautam Lihala