Please accept my due regards.

 I am a student, in the dept. of IT & a member of the research group in the
 field of BioInformatics at NIT-Bhopal. I am doing my Bacherlor's
 from NIT Bhopal and have published a paper in NETTAB'07 (ITALY) in System Biology.

 Currently I am working on Protein Tertiary Structure prediction problem using
 CRF. Its nice that there exist a CRF package, which will
 save lot of time & effort of research community, speeding-up the
 research process. We have been able to successfully  install the package
 & were also successful in running the test data set provided with the

 We understand that it's a barebone package implementation of CRF. In the
 package.html file of the CRF package there is a  mention that users of
 package has to implement FeatureGenerator & DataIter classes according
 to the application under consideration. This we understand. Now there is also a mention of

 "The best way to learn how to use this code is to examples in the
 package @see iitb.usingCRFs.Segment for Sequence annotations and @see
 iitb.usingCRFs.MaxentClassifier for a basic maximum entropy based
 classifier. @author Sunita Sarawagi, IIT Bombay ( sunita@iitb.ac.in
 <mailto:sunita@iitb.ac.in>) "

 We are not clear what to infer from the above statement?

 Can anybody elucidate on the meaning of the above statement?
Is anybody working on application of CRF to Bioinformatics related problem.

 Eagerly waiting for the response,
 Thanking you

Gautam Lihala