#11 epub formatting


Most of my books and formats work great with CoolReader. It is my favourite reader by far.

I have just come across a problem with one epub that I downloaded onto my Touch Nook. In CoolReader all the paragraph indents have disappeared and everything is left adjusted. Since there is no additional space between paragraphs this is a problem. When I open the same book in the default Nook Reader or in Mantano or on my PC with Calibre every paragraph is nicely indented.

I tried to read through the forum on MobileRead. I changed the disable and enable internal... prompt. I did have one problem in that I wasn't sure if when I chose Exit from the CoolReader menu it actually closed CoolReader. Since I didn't know how to force it for sure to stop and restart I powered off the Nook and then powered it back on. I figured that had to stop everything! Changing that prompt didn't appear to make a difference.

I read something about CSS files that I didn't really understand. Why would I need to create any CSS file when the book displays just fine with every other reader?

Help. Any suggestions? ................Jackie