#29 Ability to Sync Book Progress

Vadim Lopatin
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I have multiple Android devices and it owuld be useful to be able to sync the current read progress between them.
If this functionality exists (or can be simulated) then that would be very useful.
I have been unable to locate where CoolReader stores the book progress so far.


  • Josh Patterson
    Josh Patterson

    Especially in combination with a calibre server per feature request 3324373. This would be a totally awesome feature!


  • Anonymous

    I miss this feature a lot. Having 3 devices I would like to take any of them and read my book from place I finished. that option would make coolreader really the best one. I've tried sync via dropbox but I failed....

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  • Vadim Lopatin
    Vadim Lopatin

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  • Anonymous

    I have two devices, nook touch and sgs2. I tried to sync .cr3 folder but it isn't working.

    /mnt/sdcard/Books/Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins.fb2 - Path on sgs2
    /sdcard/Books/Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins.fb2 - Path on nook

    I can't change mount points on my devices, so I have only one hope - wait for native CoolReader sync feature.

  • ZimniY

    It would be great if coolreader could sync mobile and desktop databases.

  • Очень нужная функция!!! Давно жду.

  • The most wanted feature perhaps.
    Now that GoogleDrive is released, it seems to be very easy to implement.


  • Anonymous

    I would like to see this changed as well. This is the only place where your app is lacking compared to the other Android APKs.

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  • Light Templar
    Light Templar

    Please, add the feature! You are already the Best, but with that you will the Best of the BEST :)

  • Ждем ждем... Где же ты, синхронизация?

  • dbareis

    Just a not I'd like to sync between devices (tablet/phone) as well but sync also backs up my progress. As this app doesn't have this ability, it is off my selection shortlist unfortunately (it looked good otherwise).

  • Очень нужная и полезная фича. Скорее бы ее получить..

  • Fmstrat

    Other readers use Dropbox as a centralized place for synchronizing furthest page read. Could be an option here since there is an existing API?

  • Очень не хватает синхронизации настроек, книг, позиций чтения между разными устройствами. Было бы классно использовать Dropbox или Google Drive для этого.

  • Silas

    Hi, what's the status of the sync features? I checked out the source to see if I could help here and found the SyncService writing data to .cr3sync folder. In fact on my cell phone there's some data stored in /mnt/sdcard/Books/.cr3sync/ but on my eInk Reader (Sony PRS-T2), where I use Cool Reader 3.1.2-33 too /mnt/extsd/.cr3sync/ is empty. Thanks for your reply!

  • Petr Kopecky
    Petr Kopecky

    Hello, it seems there is a lot of interest for sync feature and I second that. I have recently installed CoolReader on rooted Nook Simple touch and I want to use the latest version from Google Play also on my android mobile phone. I have found our that Nook version is creating some cache in /sdcard/Books/.cache folder and latest version from Google Play is creating cache in /sdcard/.cr3 folder. I have tried to synchronize those folders but it does not work :-( I have also found /sdcard/Books/.cr3sync folder on my mobile that is not present on Nook. Does it mean that synchronization feature is coming?

  • Igor Velkov
    Igor Velkov

    Если есть пригодная для репликации папка, то вместо встраивания в программу API какой-то облачной системы можно просто поставить (на андроиид) программу FolderSync. Она автоматически - по расписанию, или по факту изменений в папке - синхронизирует её с
    ☆ Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service
    ☆ Box
    ☆ CloudMe (using WebDAV)
    ☆ Copy.com
    ☆ Cubby (using WebDAV)
    ☆ Digitalbucket.net (using WebDAV)
    ☆ Dropbox
    ☆ Dump Truck (using WebDAV)
    ☆ GoDaddy (using WebDAV)
    ☆ Google Docs
    ☆ Google Drive
    ☆ HiDrive (using WebDAV)
    ☆ Livedrive (using WebDAV)
    ☆ MyDrive.ch (using WebDAV)
    ☆ NetDocuments (using WebDAV)
    ☆ Skydrive
    ☆ SugarSync
    ☆ Ubuntu One
    ☆ WEB.DE (using WebDAV)
    ☆ Yandex Disk (using WebDAV)

    Supported protocols:
    ☆ FTP
    ☆ FTPS (SSL/TLS implicit)
    ☆ FTPES (SSL/TLS explicit)
    ☆ SFTP (SSH File Transfer)
    ☆ Samba/CIFS/Windows Share

  • y18ex

    this its important feature... many other readers (mostly open source) cant see the usefull of the feature for the adoption of users. Users try with annoying readers (with several problems on their own servers)

  • Yuriy

    Is there a chance of this feature to go live?