On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 6:14 PM, Steve Hall <steve@dancingpaper.com> wrote:
A patch would be accepted. It has been years since anyone on the Mac
platform expressed an interest in Cream, I'd be glad for some testing
and feedback.

​Great.  My vimscript isn't very deep, I've only ever made some syntax highlighting rules and setup some functions and status bars.​

Any ideas on how to get the value of rformat?

I'm still another month out in getting some business issues sorted so
I can build binaries and get back to patching Cream again. Please
pardon the mess...

​As for mac binaries, much like MacVim, I bet that the overlap between OS X users who want Cream and who are already running the open source code porting system brew is close to %100.  It may be easier to get it accepted as a brew package and tell users to use brew rather than dive into the whole mac native *.app packaging or native installer framework. Especially because brew has some mechanisms to overriding Apple's local vim, which is fine release, but slightly behind, especially wrt ruby. If you were to use the mac native packaging you'd have to deal with overriding issues yourself.

And as I <3 brew, I might even be interested in doing this.

Or I could port Cream to iOS and put it in the app store. (Yes this is a joke, given that most non BSD open source licenses conflict with the App Store TOS. )


Indy M. Siverd