Steve, hello again.

I just checked that there is Vim 7.4.110 built with +ruby
I tried it, and I see that :version returns  +ruby/dyn  , but has('ruby') still returns 0.

I tried  :ruby puts 1     , it failed: it seems, it can't find ruby installed on the machine. But, Vim 7.3 works just fine with ruby.  (ruby version is 1.9.3p392 )

What could be wrong?


2013/10/28 Dmitry Frank <>
Steve, thank you very much.

I anyway need for ruby though, so, have to wait until Vim is able to build with +ruby..

2013/10/27 Steve Hall <>
On Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 2:03 AM, Dmitry Frank <> wrote:
> > >
> > > Could you please build Vim 7.4 with +ruby and +python again? Or,
> > > why have you decided to exclude these features?


For anyone following this thread, I have just posted a Windows
installer updated to 7.4.52:

The release notes are there, but I'll point out Perl, Ruby, and TCL
are all still broken in the Cygwin build process of a stand-alone
(non-Cygwin dependent) gVim.

Still no updates on the Cream side... yet.

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